An Honest Samsung Galaxy A12 Review


Extend your view to the six.5-inch Infinity-V LCD of the Samsung Galaxy A12 to see what you have been missing. Experience a sharp and crystal clear image viewing experience with this Samsung phone. Thanks to HD+ feature, your every view looks crystal clear, sharp and brilliant. Your stored data is not a bonus deal. The Infinity-V gives you the power to manage your files with one hand at all times.

For those who are fond of games and videos, the Galaxy A12 is a great mobile phone. It lets you enjoy the best of both worlds with its long-lasting battery and fast charging capabilities. With the long-lasting battery, you do not need to fear about the battery running out of juice very frequently. You can go from work to home without missing even a beat. Galaxy A12

The front and rear cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A12 are nothing special. However, that does not mean they are ordinary. They are not even average. In fact, the front camera is quite impressive with a resolution of 13 megapixels and an auto-focus feature. This means that the pictures you click out of the camera will be of high quality and you would not have to resort to fiddling around with the auto-focus.

You have the luxury of a large LCD screen with a high brightness mode. This means that even when the sunlight is shining brightly, you would still be able to view your photos in bright colors. Color accuracy is good and the colors are vibrant. The auto-white function allows you to choose a white or black wallpaper for the device to automatically adjust itself. This makes the Samsung Galaxy A12 comes handy if you want to go for an outdoor vacation with your friends and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying too much about the picture quality.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with two variants – one with a single touch operation keypad and the other with a dual touch keypad and a high definition camera lens. The former can be used for dialing numbers and sending messages; the latter for taking pictures and recording videos. The microSD slot can hold up to two hundred and fifty songs, forty images and twenty-four videos. There is no doubt that the phone offers decent amounts of memory. The downside is that it cannot store any media on the card when the memory is exhausted. This means that you will not be able to expand the memory when you buy other apps or plug in other devices.

In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy A12 review concludes that this is one of the best phones in the market. It offers good levels of performance, has a unique design, an intuitive user interface and comes with a microSD slot which can expand the capacity of the device. The battery life is sufficient and you do not have to worry about low battery levels which can happen with many modern devices.

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