Features of ResMed CPAP Machines and Masks

The ResMed CPAP machine is fast gaining popularity as the ultimate remedy for sleep apnea patients. The double gel cushion that is a special feature of the machine ensures comfort irrespective of the time the machine is being used. The machine’s blue gel along with adjustable straps assures an easy fit with the patient’s face size and contours. The user manuals that come with ResMed CPAP machines are extremely well written and offer a comprehensive range of guidelines and instructions, which are easy to understand and teach a patient how to use the machine effectively. best soap for cleaning cpap¬†

The ResMed CPAP machine comes with a wide range of masks as well. These are designed to adjust as per the patient’s sleeping position (sideways or flat). However, it is also seen that a patient may feel uncomfortable initially when wearing the mask but this problem too, can be overcome by consulting a sleep professional. A heated humidifier is also fitted into a ResMed CPAP machine in order to suitably heat the air inhaled by the patient. This reduces nasal blockage and allows for easier breathing throughout the night. The machine is, moreover, noiseless and does not disturb the patient at all during quiet hours.

Sleeping disorders are fast becoming a health hazard the world over. While most sufferers usually respond to traditional methods of dealing with the problem like tranquilizers, herbal sleeping pills and even homoeopathic drugs, for those in an acute stage, a ResMed CPAP machine may be a permanent answer. The machine induces sleep through supply of the requisite clean oxygen that the body requires during sleep and restores vitality and good health. What a relief from fatigue, general malaise and irritability that a sleeping disorder usually brings with it!

The ResMed CPAP machine is reasonably priced and is suited for every pocket. According to published figures, more than 27% of Americans suffer from sleeping disorders today due to obstructions in their nasal passages and for lack of requisite oxygen intake while sleeping. The ramp system, which the machine is equipped with, helps a patient to start at a lower level first during the initial days of use and automatically graduates to higher levels of oxygen supply as he sleeps deeper.

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